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Competitive offering across the board

Lombard mining guarantees include:

  • Mine Rehabilitation Guarantees to the Department of Mineral Resources (Premature Closure Guarantees / Environmental Rehabilitation Guarantees)
  • Electricity Guarantees to Eskom
  • Freight Guarantees to Transnet Freight Rail
  • Fuel Guarantees

Our Innovative Underwriting Approach

We analyse every guarantee based on the precise nature of the mine’s need, considering:

  • Its technical ability to perform compliant with its mining programme
  • Its financial ability to sustain its operations into the future
  • The quality and life of the mine’s reserves and resources

This detailed assessment allows us to take an informed view of the mining operation when underwriting, translating into several benefits for our clients:

  • We consider risks that competitors wouldn’t take on. Our guarantees cater for companies from all segments of the industry, from smaller, younger operations to established blue chip mining companies
  • We follow a more commercial, business-friendly approach to setting up the guarantee facility
  • We understand the changing needs of our clients and adapt our facilities accordingly
  • We charge competitive rates

Lombard Guarantee Mining’s distinctive partnership philosophy enables us to provide our clients with the backing they need and meet the needs of the principals of the mining guarantees.