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Lombard Guarantee provides unique guarantees on a contract by contract basis.

With the increasing need for guarantees to give beneficiaries peace of mind, the need for non-traditional solutions that enable the contractor to perform optimally under the contract has increased too.

By looking at where there is a unique need, we’ve identified where we can make a difference through our product offering and way of doing business. Lombard’s difference is in understanding the nuances of different markets, the client and beneficiary specific requirements, the underlying contract, triggers for non-performance, the related situational risk and with this insight, structuring a guarantee to best suit your need and compliment the underlying contractual obligations.

We provide guarantees linked to the underlying contract through:

  • Advance payment guarantees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Retention guarantees

Our solutions assist your business in

  • Freeing up capital to improve your project cash flow
  • Increased comfort to employer
  • Cash positive from day one