Affordable Taxi
Insurance Solution

“Protecting your most valuable asset and keeping you on the move”.

At Hambisa, we know that your taxi is your business and your livelihood. Costly comprehensive insurance cover may be surplus to what you require, so we have designed an alternative, affordable solution that will meet your business needs.

This unique insurance covers the most expensive aspect of accident repairs, the cost and delivery of damaged taxi parts. It also makes the repairs process easier by providing you with the parts so you can do the repairs with a repairer of your choice and in the shortest timeframe.

You can then get back on the move with limited financial impact, protecting your asset and your business. You also have the added benefit of keeping your wreck in the event of a write-off!

What is Covered

Services & Products

Taxi Parts Only Insurance Covers:

  • The cost of assessing the damages to your taxi in the event of an accident and preparing a comprehensive list of parts to be ordered
  • The cost of all taxi parts necessary to repair the damage to your taxi
  • The supply and delivery of quality, new alternative parts from Marmic Taxi Parts , an industry leader for over 40 years

What isn't Covered

  • Labour, stripping, assembly and spray painting
  • Towing and storage

Additional Benefits

  • In the event of a write-off, you keep your wreck and get a cash pay-out up to your selected limit
  • No claims bonus – if you do not claim for 12 months you will receive a voucher for a vehicle maintenance kit to the value of R400
  • If quality new alternative parts are unavailable from Marmic Taxi Parts, the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer)part will be sourced and delivered
  • Cash pay-out - if parts are not available for delivery within 7 working days, you may choose to receive the equivalent amount in cash instead
  • Once you receive your parts, you can choose when, where and how your taxi is repaired (at your cost)

A Franchise Applies:

How does a franchise work?

  • If the cost of the taxi parts to be replaced is more than R5 000, the entire cost of all the parts and their delivery is covered
  • If the cost of the taxi parts to be replaced is less than R5 000, none of the costs of the parts or their delivery is covered

Pricing & Benefits

Taxi Parts Only Insurance Cover Options:

Value of Taxi Parts Covered (up to)
Basic Premium per Month
R25 000 Ex Vat
R480 Ex Vat
R60 000 Ex Vat
R598 Ex Vat
R80 000 Ex Vat
R614 Ex Vat
*Additional premium for SASRIA cover applies

About us

Hambisa Taxi Parts is a new and innovative division of Lombard Insurance Company Limited. Lombard was established in 1990 and are the leaders in specialist risk insurance in South Africa.

Lombard’s Partnerships division started in 2007 and has grown to house over nine specialist insurance businesses, ranging from marine and motor cover to personal accident and health cover.

Hambisa is the latest venture of this division and aims to address the needs of taxi owners, enabling them to run a profitable and sustainable business. Our mission is to do everything in our power to keep you on the move through affordable cover, exceptional service, and quick claims turnaround times.

The Team

Caitlin Lancefield

Caitlin joined Lombard in 2017 as an underwriter in the Guarantee division.

She comes from an industrial engineering background in the renewable energy space. She is now the Innovation and New Business Development Manager in the Lombard Partnerships team.

Obakeng Moloisane

Obakeng joined Lombard in 2020 after practicing as an attorney at Bowmans.

His background is in construction as well as mergers and acquisitions. He is now a Business Analyst in the Lombard Partnerships team.