Construction Guarantees

Lombard construction guarantees are a professional, third-party opinion of the contractor’s ability to perform and deliver successfully on a specific contract. Legally speaking, as the provider of the guarantee, we become the contractor’s co-principal debtor, backing the contractor and giving the beneficiary peace of mind.

Energy Guarantees

Lombard Guarantee is the only guarantee provider
in Africa with a specialised team for both the
energy and renewable energy industry. The team provides a comprehensive range of guarantee products for EPCs, subcontractors, suppliers and other players within the energy industry.

Fuel Guarantees

Lombard Guarantee General and Commercial Fuel Guarantees offers fuel insurance and provide support for bulk users and suppliers of fuel including airline, mines, transporters, manufacturers, wholesale buyers and distributors of fuel products (including lubricants and related products).

Logistics Guarantees

Lombard Guarantee General & Commercial offers the full spectrum of guarantees required by
Clearing and Forwarding Agents, Warehousemen
and Transporters.

Deposit Guarantees

Deposit Power provides property purchasers with a Deposit Guarantee for up to 10% of the deposit required when purchasing property.

Enterprise Development

Lombard Insurance supports economic transformation through enterprise development. Our core philosophy is to partner with both construction companies and beneficiaries and their respective enterprise development programs to provide a holistic assistance approach to the development and sustainability of small businesses.

Trade Credit

Lombard Trade Credit offers a sound asset protection plan for one of your largest assets –
your debtor’s book. Our solution additionally acts
as an income protector by ensuring crucial cash flow for your business sustainability and growth.

Mining Guarantees

Lombard Guarantee Mining’s distinctive partnership philosophy enables us to provide our clients with the backing they need and meet the needs of the principals of the mining guarantees.

Specialist Guarantees

Lombard Guarantee provides unique guarantees on a contract by contract basis. With the increasing need for guarantees to give beneficiaries peace of mind, the need for non-traditional solutions that enable the contractor to perform optimally under the contract has increased too.