Lombard Guarantee provides unique guarantees on a contract by contract basis. With the increasing need for guarantees to give beneficiaries peace of mind, the need for non-traditional solutions that enable the contractor to perform optimally under the contract has increased too.


By looking at where there is a unique need, we’ve identified where we can make a difference through our product offering and way of doing business.   Lombard’s difference is in understanding the nuances of different markets, the client and beneficiary specific requirements, the underlying contract, triggers for non-performance, the related situational risk and with this insight, structuring a guarantee to best suit your need and compliment the underlying contractual obligations.


We provide guarantees linked to the underlying contract through:


  • Advance payment guarantees
  • Performance guarantees
  • Retention guarantees


Our solutions assist your business in


  • Freeing up capital to improve your project cash flow
  • Increased comfort to employer
  • Cash positive from day one


Although these guarantees are often once off for a particular contract, Lombard is dedicated to forming long standing relationships with our clients, becoming business partners, understanding your business and creating solutions to strengthen it.

If you are unsure as to whether Lombard can provide you with a guarantee solution, contact us and our experienced underwriters will be able to advise you.

> Property Development Guarantee/

A Lombard Property Development Guarantee tackles a common challenge faced by residential developers when they have many qualifying buyers but not enough qualifying sales to release project financing.    By assessing a buyer’s assets (that will fund the purchase of a new property when development is completed) rather than their income (to support a bond for the purchase of a new property before development), we offer a solution to “inaccessible” capital for both buyers and developers.   Using the Lombard Property Guarantee to secure the balance of payment after the required deposit is paid, means:


  • a buyer doesn’t have to sell off any assets until the transfer of their new home.
  • the developer gets to count the transaction under guarantee as a qualifying sale before development begins, to help meet the financier’s quota for the project to begin.

> Production Completion Guarantee/

The film and television production industry is growing steadily in South Africa, with in-country filming  (from both local and international production houses) increasing.


The Lombard Production Completion Guarantee offers security to project funders against / on / for  their agreed budget allocations with production houses, and works with project management specialists to safeguard the completion of film or television projects on time and in budget.


Lombard Guarantee General & Commercial offer guarantees for the registration of Private Further Education and Training Institutions. These guarantees are in line with the requirements of the Further Education and Training Colleges Act 2006 (Act No.16 of 2006) and the Regulations for the Registration of Private Further Education and Training Institutions. Our involvement dates back to the Act’s inception, ensuring that we have a sound knowledge of the requirements, supported by strong ties with the Department and a thorough understanding of the unique needs and resources of each of the institutions that we underwrite.



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