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Advantage Motor Protector (AMP) has been in business since 2001.

The company enjoys national representation and is recognised as a leading role player in the motor industry. Advantage Motor Protector specialises in developing, distributing and administering motor mechanical breakdown warranties.

AMP provides monthly or, one and two year mechanical breakdown warranties and related products to the used car market. Advantage Motor Protector currently manages over 20,000 active motor warranties, from dealer sales, policy administration, claims processing to claims assessments.

Our products


AMP, through its programme of development and continuous improvement, offers a comprehensive range of motor warranties all of which are underwritten by the Lombard Insurance Company a registered Insurance Company and licensed Financial Services Provider.

Our products cover YOU against the costs of unexpected mechanical failure and allows YOU to manage the out-of-pocket expenses associated with the repair of YOUR vehicle more effectively. Our products have been designed to afford YOU the maximum protection with equitable benefits at affordable pricing and is available in a one or two year option.

  • Motor Mechanical Breakdown Warranty
  • Performance Plus, a warranty shortfall product
  • Tyre and Rim Warranty
  • Leisure Warranty (Motorcycles, Quads and Caravans)

AMP also administers a range of non-insurance products:

  • Service Plans
  • Auto Bodywise Exterior Maintenance Plan (Paint protections and scratch and dent repair)
  • Roadside Assistance