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Brokers And
Strategic Partnerships

Lombard Trade Credit has agreements in place with all specialist credit insurance brokers and regards them as strategic partners in our business.

Between risk and jeopardy lies the golden thread of business continuity

The world is driven by change with businesses having to adapt to the changing environment. Historically, risk managers have focused on insurance against small and medium sized businesses, while blue-chip companies were considered low risk. Over the years however, the many so-called blue-chip companies that have gone into liquidation have forced risk managers to refocus their strategies around risk management.

Lombard offers specialised, tailor-made credit guarantee solutions aimed at managing credit risk in structured corporate governance programmes across different industries. Our business philosophy allows us to cater for the needs of every individual entity by being hands-on, recognising the value of insight and understanding unique needs. We strive to form partnerships with our policy holders, delivering high quality, non-restrictive domestic and export credit guarantee solutions.