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Our Lombard Partnerships philosophy is about partnering with and backing the right people for the long term – a belief that better businesses are created by independently-minded risk takers and a knowledge that our clients and brokers are best served by focused, highly skilled specialist operations.

We’re about taking considered risk to grow with our Partner businesses – particularly in the broker-distributed commercial and corporate markets in the short-term insurance industry.


We deliver high quality underwriting operations by teaming up with independently minded, owner-operated businesses offering specialist underwriting and/or distribution skills.

Working with these experts in our target markets, our complementary skills and resources create a platform for well-run, specialist insurance businesses that best serve a client’s needs. We aim to create value through a set of specialist skills of our own, playing a role in protecting & strengthening each partner business through:

Lombard Partnerships - Capital Provision
Capital Provision & Optimisation
Lombard Partnerships - Technology data
Technology & Data
Lombard Partnerships - Financial
Financial & Regulatory Operations
Lombard Partnership - Market Growth
Market Growth
Lombard Partnership - Business Advisory
Business Advisory Support

Partnering for possibility.

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Our Team

We’ve built a unique team of multi-disciplined group of passionate professionals. Dedicated to delivering excellence to our partners, brokers and clients, we aim to create and sustain true partnerships every day while seeing possibilities and seeking opportunities.