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Credit Insurance

Through our expertise and worldwide information sources, Lombard Trade Credit is able to offer credit insurance solutions to SA-based businesses that export their products worldwide. This has the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of payment default, but also increases your competitive advantage, enabling you to compete on equal terms throughout the international market.

The benefits of a Lombard Trade Credit insurance facility?

  • Knowledge of your customer
  • Risk protection against payment default
  • Better financing due to added security to finance providers
  • Increased sales potential by enabling you to sell more goods to new and existing clients while substantially reducing overall risk
  • Increases your buying power
  • Increases your credibility
  • Significantly enhances your relationship with your suppliers

Why is Lombard Trade Credit unique?

  • Customised excess of loss structures, allowing for lower risk premiums
  • Reduced policy administration
  • Freedom to make credit assessment decisions
  • Higher levels of insurance cover
  • Tailor-made policy design
  • Personal service & access to decision-makers