A holistic offering for all your credit risk management needs/

Lombard Trade Credit offers a sound asset protection plan for one of your largest assets – your debtor’s book. Our solution additionally acts as an income protector by ensuring crucial cash flow for your business sustainability and growth.


With Lombard, your credit insurance policy can be ceded to a financial institution – to improve the extendable value of your debtor’s book, resulting in a larger borrowing base and lower borrowing costs.


Our true aim for our Lombard Credit Insurance clients is to remove certain selling obstacles, reduce exposure, and encouraging more disciplined trading.  Above all, our clients enjoy security and peace of mind.

Between risk and jeopardy lies the golden thread of business continuity/

The world is driven by change with businesses having to adapt to the changing environment. Historically, risk managers have focused on insurance against small and medium sized businesses, while blue-chip companies were considered low risk. Over the years however, the many so called blue-chip companies that have gone into liquidation have forced risk managers to refocus their strategies around risk management.

Lombard offers specialised, tailor-made credit insurance solutions aimed at managing credit risk in structured corporate governance programmes across different industries. Our business philosophy allows us to cater for the needs of every individual entity by being hands-on, recognising the value of insight and understanding unique needs. We strive to form partnerships with our policy holders, delivering high quality, non-restrictive domestic and export credit insurance solutions.


Through our expertise and worldwide information sources, Lombard Trade Credit is able to offer credit insurance solutions to SA-based businesses that export their products worldwide. This has the obvious benefit of reducing the risk of payment default, but also increases your competitive advantage, enabling you to compete on equal terms throughout the international market.

The benefits of a Lombard Trade Credit insurance facility?

  • Risk protection against payment default
  • Better financing due to added security to finance providers
  • Increased sales potential by enabling you to sell more goods to new and
    existing clients while substantially reducing overall risk
  • Increases your buying power
  • Increases your credibility
  • Significantly enhances your relationship with your suppliers

Why is Lombard Trade Credit unique?

  • Customised excess of loss structures, allowing for lower risk premiums
  • Reduced policy administration
  • Freedom to make credit assessment decisions
  • Higher levels of insurance cover
  • Tailor-made policy design
  • Personal service & access to decision-makers


Lombard Trade Credit has agreements in place with all specialist credit insurance brokers and regards them as strategic partners in our business.



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